How to Make Cascara Vanilla Coffee Cubes

How to Make Cascara Vanilla Coffee Cubes

how to make cascara vanilla cold brew supercubes with Cartel Coffee

Summer is here in Arizona! It is hot and only getting hotter. We love taking advantage of this time to create fresh and icy summer inspired cocktails and coffee drinks. Who doesn’t love a nice iced, refreshing drink to cool you down in 115+ temps?! 

But the worst part of any iced beverage is when it gets overly watered down with melty ice. This is where flavor cubes become super handy. We recently made some citrus cubes for this sherbet inspired punch and it gave us all kinds of ideas. 

Make these super cubes with Cartel Cold Brew and Iconic Cascara Vanilla. Use Coffee Cubes in refreshing summertime coffee drinks or unique cocktails!

In this blog post, we’re making Cascara Vanilla flavored super cubes that you can use in all kinds of beverages. Keep reading to get a lovely non-alcoholic coffee drink made with Orange Blossom Tonic and check out this blog post for two more coffee inspired cocktails! 

We are learning that our Cascara Vanilla has a bit of cult following. Ever since we published this blog post about making Starbucks inspired Cascara Cold Brew, we can’t keep this flavor in stock! As a company, we decided to limit this flavor so we can ensure our beloved coffee accounts can get their supply! Places like Early Bird Coffee Truck, Steadfast Coffee, and Blue House Coffee Roaster all use this flavor at their coffee establishments.

Iconic Cascara Vanilla is design for tea and coffee. Made to replace typical vanilla syrups, this cherry-like simple syrup is perfect for morning coffee or coffee-inspired cocktails.

The good news for you is that we recently made some headway in our production capabilities and we’re bringing this flavor back! Cascara Vanilla will now be regularly stocked on the Iconic website. This flavor is designed for coffee and tea. The real cascara is sourced directly from Blue House’s partners in South America. This unique mixer offers subtle fruit notes while the familiar vanilla bean rounds out the uniqueness of the coffee cherry husk. Add a splash to your coffee and enjoy! Or get creative with unique recipes like the super cubes we’re making here! 

Make cold brew coffee cubes with Iconic Cascara Vanilla and Cartel Coffee Lab Black Market Cold Brew!

For these super cubes, we opted for Cartel Coffee Lab Black Market Cold Brew. You can get these cans individually or by the four pack at any of their locations. This Black Market Cold Brew is bold while still being balanced. Even from the can, this cold brew tastes incredibly fresh and delicious. While you’re picking up your cold brew, be sure to try a Lazy Saturday or Iconic Tonic; two new seasonal coffee drinks on their menu featuring Iconic Cocktail Co! 

How to Make Cascara Vanilla Coffee Cubes

Make these coffee super cubes with your favorite cold brew and Iconic Cascara Vanilla. Use them to make refreshing summer coffee drink or unique coffee-inspired cocktails!

Cold Brew Coffee Cubes

-Combine all in a mixing vessel 

-Depending on your ice mold, pour evenly to fill the tray 

-Freeze and enjoy in sparkling water, coffee, or cocktails 

Make a Refreshing Summer Beverage

Make this coffee drink with Iconic Bitter Orange Tonic and homemade cold brew coffee cubes!

This coffee drink comes together with our Cascara Vanilla Coffee Cubes, Iconic Orange Blossom Tonic, and sparkling water. As the cubes melt, this coffee drink blends together with the citrusy orange blossom and bubbly seltzer. Enjoy this coffee drink on any warm day! 

Super Chill 

-Combine all in a glass and stir to combine 

-Garnish with an orange and cherry flag

Make these coffee super cubes with Iconic Cascara Vanilla and Cartel Coffee Labs Black Market Cold Brew.

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