Spring Punch (it's like Sherbet Punch, but better.)

Spring Punch (it's like Sherbet Punch, but better.)

The classic 80s mom go-to...Sherbet Punch. It was a tub of sherbet ice cream, frozen orange juice concentrate, and a liter of sprite. I don’t know about you but this quick and easy recipe is so nostalgic to me. 

At any special party, my mom would dump these ingredients into a plastic bowl and call it a day. (She would also make an alcoholic version of it with her friends with white wine instead of sprite.) 

Recreating Sherbet Punch with Fresher Ingredients 

Make a spring punch perfect for easter brunch with Iconic Lime Leaf Tonic and Bitter Orange Tonic

We were inspired by this classic go-to when creating our own version with our friends at the Flower Bungalow! We put together this simply and easy batched cocktail recipe in Audria's charming midcentury bungalow on Flower Street in Phoenix, Arizona.

We made easy citrus cubes to mimic frozen juice concentrate (a much fresher, more natural alternative). Citrusy Lime Leaf Tonic resembles tart lemon-lime soda and Orange Blossom Tonic is bright and zippy like sherbet ice cream. 

These flavors come together with aged rum (thank goodness we’re all adults now) and a bottle of white wine, finished with fresh basil (from Audria’s herb garden!) This elevated take on the 80s Sherbet Punch is perfect for any spring party like an Easter Brunch or Mother’s Day! Make this easy batched cocktail recipe and enjoy! Make spring punch for Easter Brunch with Iconic Lime Leaf Tonic and Bitter Orange Tonic

Bungalow Brunch Punch

Makes about 16 servings 

-Combine all ingredients in punch bowl with citrus cubes 

-Garnish with basil

-Serve into glasses and garnish with dehydrated citrus or garden-fresh basil

To make Citrus Cubes* 

-Freeze blood orange, grapefruit, or orange juice in an ice cube tray

-To create a layered expression, freeze each layer separately before adding another flavor of juice. 

Make supercubes with fresh citrus juice for beautiful punch bowls

Spring punch to make for Easter brunch with Iconic Lime Leaf Tonic and Bitter Orange Tonic

Use Iconic Lime Leaf Tonic for spring cocktails.


Brunch punch made to mimic nostalgic 80s sherbet punch with Iconic Cocktail Co Mixers featuring the Flower Bungalow


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