Coffee Forward Classics Made with Cold Brew Cubes

Coffee Forward Classics Made with Cold Brew Cubes

Make two classic cocktail recipes with Iconic Mixers and homemade cold brew coffee ice cubes


Ice is such an important part of any cocktail. Ice cubes can come in all different shapes and styles, all of which play a factor in a cocktail. A booze-forward cocktail like an Old Fashioned or Negroni needs a large cube so it keeps the cocktail chilled without over diluting it. A Swizzle cocktail needs crushed ice so it melts more quickly to become part of the cocktail.  

Make these Cascara Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Cubes to create unique coffee forward cocktails.

There are endless options for ice and it all depends on the flavor experience you’re looking for. This is exactly why we love making flavored cubes to truly enhance a cocktail experience! In this blog post, we’re using our Cascara Vanilla Coffee Cubes to make two whiskey coffee inspired cocktails. 

We were actually given a bottle of Nikka Coffy Whisky for a wedding present by our amazing web designers at Responival. I would be lying if I didn’t think it was a whisky made with coffee. I had already had these cocktails in the works so I thought it would be a perfect addition! I quickly learned that Coffey Whisky doesn’t have a drop of coffee in it. The Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky is Japanese grain whiskey that is processed in “Coffey” type column stills giving it a surprisingly rich texture. 

Use Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky to make an elevated cocktail with Iconic Mixers.

For these recipes, you can opt for an authentic Japanese Coffey Whisky or simply use a quality whiskey that you love. Make some of these Cascara Vanilla Coffee Cubes and get creative with these two versions of classic cocktails.

An Old-Old Fashioned Recipe with a New-New Twist

A new take on the Old Old Fashioned made with quality Japanese Whisky and Iconic Cascara Vanilla

A take on the old-old fashioned, this recipe is made simply with a quality whiskey, aromatic bitters, and the oils of a fresh lemon peel. We added the Cascara Vanilla Coffee Cube to add a touch of sweetness and a layer of bold cold brew. As the ice melts, this Old Old Fashioned becomes a velvety and rich whiskey cocktail! 

Ya Old Man 
-Combine whisky, bitters, and fresh ice to a mixing glass
-Still until chilled 
-Strain over 1 large Cascara Vanilla Coffee Cube 
-Garnish with a lemon peel 

A Boulevardier with a Coffee Kick 

A Boulevardier made with Iconic Bitter Orange Tonic and a unique cold brew coffee ice cube for a new take on the classic.

This iconic blend of orange blossom with bold coffee, sharp whiskey, and bitter Campari is a surprising combination. Adding the Cascara Vanilla Coffee Cubes with Bitter Orange Tonic takes this Boulevardier recipe to a completely new level.
Man About Town

-Combine whisky, Campari, Bitter Orange Tonic, and Sweet Vermouth in a mixing glass with fresh ice

-Stir until chilled 

-Strain into a glass over small Cascara Vanilla Coffee Cubes 

-Garnish with an orange twist 

Iconic Bitter Orange Tonic stands out in bold coffee drinks or whiskey cocktails!


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