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Owner & CEO


Matt was born and raised about 45 minutes from St. Louis, MO in a small town called St. Clair. It was there working in his parents hardware store that Matt learned that he had a knack for helping people. After heading off to college and then quickly heading back home, Matt learned that he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life...he just knew he wanted out of his small town. 

This yearning pushed him to move to Denver, CO where he spent his twenties working for FOX Restaurant Concepts and for a Denver based restaurant group, Bonanno Concepts. It was while working for Frank Bonanno that Matt was recruited to help open and run Green Russell, a chef driven cocktail joint, where he was taught classic cocktails, spirits history, and how to make all things cocktail from scratch. 

Matt spent a brief amount of time in San Diego before moving to Phoenix, AZ in 2012. A few short weeks after moving to the valley, Matt was hired by Upward Projects. He immediately plugged himself into the beverage program and began to leave his fingerprint on both the cocktails as well as the systems that made the bar function at a very high level. During this time he met his future wife and business partner, Kaylee Nedley. Matt and Kaylee spent many nights over a pool table dreaming about their businesses and what it would be like to work for themselves. 

These days Matt is focused on growing the Iconic and creating a work culture that encourages creativity, celebrates social responsibility, and rewards hard work.

Owner & Marketing

If you’re looking for someone to who can slay a spreadsheet just as easily as a board game, Kaylee is your gal. Kaylee Nedley brings immense passion to everything she does. A native Phoenician, Kaylee has been enthusiastic about building and strengthening the Phoenix community from day one. 

A dreamer and visionary, Kaylee has always set lofty goals. After graduating from ASU, she originally set her sights on a move to LA to pursue filmmaking but, leaning into her intuition, she decided to stay. Kaylee felt Phoenix was on the brink of something incredible and wanted to be a part of it. Never shy to pass up a possible learning opportunity, Kaylee brings to Iconic a slew of knowledge from her years in project management and restaurants. She took her professional and personal experience from the restaurant floor to Iconic. Iconic was born from Kaylee’s desire to make concocting amazing cocktails easy and delicious. 

Always a leader, Kaylee has a deep love for systems, scheduling, and work ethic. Named “Who’s Next” by AZ Republic, Kaylee serves as busy and spirited CMO for Iconic Cocktail Co. making sure the brand is always fresh. When she’s not creating content or working on new projects, Kaylee can be found beating friends at pool or cooking a gourmet meal with her fiance, cocktail in hand, of course. 

Owner & Sales

Born and raised in Arizona, Brian met Iconic Cocktail during their first market selling cocktail mixers at the Phoenix Flea. He remembered Matt as his bartender at Windsor, where Brian spent many hours studying the cocktail menu and his law school books.

After falling in love with Iconic’s Spiced Honey mixer, Brian volunteered his services, and Kaylee and Matt put him to work within weeks of starting the company. If you're even in need of a mixer for your bar, restaurant, or shop, you'll work with Brian at a wholesale level. With a passion for the home bar, creating experiences, and developing relationships with local movers and shakers, Brian is dedicated to helping grow the Iconic brand.