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Owner & Captain of Production

What does he know about bartending? Matt’s come a long way from working for his parent’s hardware store in rural St. Clair. He’s been in the restaurant scene since 2000. Months into turning 21, he started bartending in his home state of Missouri. He helped open one of Fox Restaurant Concepts earlier stores in Kansas.

That restaurant gig landed him in Colorado where he spent time behind the bar as an opening member of Green Russell, a speakeasy style cocktail spot. After moving to California and hopping around San Diego for a few months, he ended up in Arizona working for Upward Projects. Since being in Phoenix, Matt has been known as Captain at Windsor.

There, he helped developed the bar program, acted as GM, and even hired his soon to be partner, Kaylee Nedley. Now, Matt develops the flavors of Iconic’s mixers and leads production. He is the encyclopedia and researcher of batch and bar techniques for the company.

Owner & Operations

Kaylee Nedley (She’ll be a Farrow after July 4, 2020) has unreasonable expectations about everything. She was born and raised in the Phoenix area and has been passionate since day one.

Kaylee has always had big dreams and set lofty goals. She jumped around majors while studying at ASU but landed on Filmmaking Practice where she found her love for producing. Although she had plans of moving to LA to make movies, she felt like Phoenix was on the brink of something incredible and decided to not leave. Never shy to pass up a possible learning opportunity, she had many jobs from projects manager, to freelance videography, but mostly restaurant server.

Always a leader, Kaylee gained love for systems, scheduling, and work ethic. Named “Who’s Next” by AZ Republic, Kaylee handles the majority of the day to day operations, wearing many hats for Iconic Cocktail Co.

Brand Ambassador

Born and raised in Arizona, Brian met Iconic Cocktail during their first market selling cocktail mixers at the Phoenix Flea. He remembered Matt as his bartender at Windsor, where Brian spent many hours studying the cocktail menu and his law school books.

After falling in love with Iconic’s Spiced Honey mixer, Brian volunteered his services, and Kaylee and Matt put him to work within weeks of starting the company. You will see Brian at farmer’s markets and events sharing his love for the product. With a passion for the home bar, creating experiences, and developing relationships with local movers and shakers, Brian is dedicated to helping grow the Iconic brand.