Farm Fresh Mulberry Rose

Farm Fresh Mulberry Rose

Farm fresh mulberry rose mixer from Iconic Cocktail Co

There’s a magical season that happens for a short time in the middle of spring. It’s truly an anomaly because most people don’t associate mulberries with the desert. What makes this mixer even more special is we partner with Holiday Farms in Tolleson, Arizona. 

John and his family grow delectable Persian mulberries that allow us to create this small run of Mulberry Rose. This black version of the mulberry is tender with a balanced blend of sweet and tart. It reminds us of a blackberry without the sour burst of flavor. 

To make Mulberry Rose, we start by juicing farm-fresh mulberries picked at their peak perfection. To complement their delicate flavor, we pair it with organic rose petals. All the floral notes that exist in this berry comes forward when combined with rose water. To finish, there is just a touch of tart to balance the flavors. 

Iconic Cocktail Co. Mulberry Rose Cocktail Mixer

This cocktail mixer shines with light spirits like vodka for a Cosmo or white rum for a Daiquiri, versatile enough to create classics like a Whiskey Smash, Margarita, or Mule. The familiar floral notes make this mixer easy to swap out creme de violet for an Aviation. Like all of our mixers, we encourage you to get creative. Explore the endless options right here. Grab a bottle of the small run of Mulberry Rose, made just for the month of April and May! 

Black Beauty 

Whiskey Smash recipe with Iconic Mulberry Rose and Arizona Whiskey

Instead of using blackberries for this Whiskey Smash, we used from fresh mulberries from Holiday Farms. During the season, you might be able to get your hands on a clamshell of fresh mulberries from this local farmer! 

-In a mixing glass or mason jar, add mulberries and lemon wedges. Gently smash the fruit with a muddler. 

-Add whiskey and Mulberry Rose with ice and shake vigorously to combine 

-Double strain over fresh ice and garnish with a lemon wedge and mulberry

Whiskey Smash cocktail recipe with Iconic Mulberry Rose

Citizen Kane 

Cosmo recipe with Iconic Mulberry Rose

Enjoy a more floral take on the Cosmopolitan by replacing cranberry juice with Iconic Mulberry Rose. This simple combo is sure to please any classic cocktail lover. 

-Combine all and shake with ice 

-Strain into a chilled martini glass

-Garnish with an orange twist 

Tolleson Mule 

Mulberry Moscow Mule made with Iconic Ginga Syrup and Mulberry Rose

A Mulberry Moscow Mule might be exactly what you need this spring. Use Iconic Ginga Syrup in place of regular ginger beer or ginger ale for an extra spicy, low sugar option. 

-Combine all in a copper, stainless steel mug, or glass with ice 

-Stir to combine 

-Garnish with mint and mulberry 

Mulberry Moscow Mule made with Iconic Mulberry Rose and Ginga Syrup

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