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Royal Craft's The Copperstate Coffee Negroni

Royal Craft's The Copperstate Coffee Negroni

A talented Arizona local bartender, Royal Craft, created this delicious cocktail that gives a desert twist to a classic negroni!

In their words: "I was inspired to craft a cocktail highlighting that feeling you get when you grab your favorite caffeinated beverage right before heading up one of Arizona's beautifully iconic mountain trails. I also wanted to celebrate a few local Arizona ingredients, because supporting my home state is very important to me. 
The warm notes from the botanicals in the Suncliffe Gin pair perfectly with Iconic Cocktail's vanilla syrup creating a nice, herbal, bittersweetness. All brought together with a robust flavor from Esso's cold brew coffee."

The Copperstate Coffee Negroni

-Add all ingredients into shaker with ice and give it a stir
-Strain into rocks glass with large ice cube
-Garnished w/ lavender and grapefruit peel 
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