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Pinada Colada

Pinada Colada

A low ABV Pina Colada inspired float made with Iconic Lime Leaf Tonic and Juneshine Acai Berry Hard Kombucha. Check out this blog to learn more! 

Pinada Colada

-Combine in your favorite glass and garnish with pineapple

To make Lime Leaf Coconut Ice Cream*

-Combine all in a small bread pan and freeze 
-Stir every 30 minutes to churn (or use an ice cream maker) 
-Use after 4 hours for ultimate creaminess and scoopability 
Note: After 4 hours, the ice cream will be a little icy and harder to scoop but have no fear, it’s still wildly delicious! 

(262 calories | 8.4 grams of sugar) 

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