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Light Spirit Lover

Light Spirit Lover

Vodka + Gin + Light Rum

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About This Mixer

If your go-to drinks are a vodka soda or gin and tonic, then you will thoroughly enjoy the Light Spirit Lover Spirit Pack. Add these flavors to your “go-to” for an exciting twist or discover fresh new takes on light spirit cocktails with the recipes we send in the pack. Whether you’re an old pro or a novice behind the home-bar, this variety pack is always a good one to have on standby.

Lime Leaf Tonic
Sunshine Sour
Orange Blossom Tonic
Lavender Flower

Ways To Mix

4oz Mini Bottles
Makes 4-8 cocktails per bottle
Perfect for occasional enjoyment, host and holiday gifts, and trying out new drinks
17oz Large Bottles
Makes 17-32 cocktails per bottle
Best for batch cocktail making, large gatherings, and celebrations

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