Three Cheers for Cinco de Mayo

Three Cheers for Cinco de Mayo

Margarita and Mezcal cocktail recipes to make for Cinco de Mayo

Incorporating French sea salt into our Cinco de Mayo cocktails may seem strange if you know the history behind this drinking holiday. We wanted to remind everyone of why we drink on May 5th. You see, the celebration isn’t for Mexican Independence Day (that’s September 16th if you wondered). Citizens of Puebla defeated a more dominant French army on the fifth of May in 1862. Cinco de Mayo marks the victory of standing your ground. It's to celebrate being proud of your home and your will to defend it. 

So let's raise our glass to the people of Puebla….by making a few cocktails featuring our french sea salt cocktail mixer, Grapefruit Fleur de SelCheck out our three favorite recipes to make with Mezcal, Tequila, or Sparkling Water featuring Iconic Grapefruit Fleur de Sel, perfect for any Cinco de Mayo! 

Hip Hip Hooray for the Citizens of Puebla 

This easy mezcal cocktail comes together to create a refreshing combo of citrus and smoke. Pair Grapefruit Fleur del Sel with your favorite Mezcal. We are big fans of our friends at Mezcal Naran, or Mezcal Carreno who do an incredibly job of celebrating their heritage with their spirits. 

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Make this smokey mezcal margarita with Iconic Grapefruit Fleur de Sel

Ice it down with a homemade Grapefruit Pop 

Make some Paloma Pops (or ice cubes!) and enjoy them with or without spirit. This simple grapefruit pop made with Grapefruit Fleur de Sel can be a fun at home project this summer. You can add a shot of tequila for a fun take on the Paloma! 

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Make Grapefruit Fleur de Sel Popsicles for a simple summer time treat. Keep them as a mocktail or add to tequila for a Paloma!

Simple Standards that will lead you to victory 

This is a standard grapefruit margarita made with citrusy Grapefruit Fleur de Sel and a little extra forth. By adding an egg white and dry shaking first, you’ll get more texture for your Cinco de Mayo cocktail! 

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A simple grapefruit margarita made with Iconic Grapefruit Fleur de Sel

Celebrate your home with a Cinco de Mayo cocktail. 

I think a lot of us enjoy this drinking holiday with a cocktail in hand but forget why we’re drinking. Cinco de Mayo is often confused with Mexican Independence Day but instead, it marks the victory of this very important battle that lead them to independence.

This history lesson reminds us how origins play into a cocktail culture. Take for example, the difference between Mezcal and Tequila. It’s all about the home of the spirit. Tequila has to be made from 100% Blue Agave from Jalisco, Mexico in order for it do be true Tequila. Mezcal, on the other hand, is another agave distilled spirit made from any other region of Mexico. Much like wine, Mezcal tells a story depending on where it was distilled which makes it such a fun spirit to explore.

So if the people of Puebla, Mexico wanted to whip up some spirit made with Blue Agave, they couldn't legally call it Tequila. If they wanted to make a mezcal inspired by the smoke settling after the historic battle from 1862, they could do that. (And we would probably drink a lot of it.)

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