The Thyme Has Come: Fall Seasonal Flavor is Here for the Holidays!

The Thyme Has Come: Fall Seasonal Flavor is Here for the Holidays!

When we first started Iconic, we wanted to create a seasonal mixer that would immediately remind you that the holidays were just around the corner. Something that would pair with Thanksgiving dinner, something that would make you pucker under the mistletoe, and even something a little moody for Halloween. 

Iconic Cranberry Thyme hits all the right notes for this time of year and we hope you enjoy the fall seasonal mixer for all the special occasions. We know there’s so many other holidays and reasons to connect with friends and family. Keep reading to hear how we mix Cranberry Thyme into our holidays! Be sure to share how you’re celebrating your holidays with Iconic! 

A Couple Spooky Recipes for Halloween 

Autumn Elixir

Gin and Iconic Cranberry Thyme for a Dark and Moody Autumn Elixir for Halloween

A dark and moody cocktail is exactly what we’ll be drinking on Halloween. Crushed Cardamom Thyme Sugar pairs with this Tea Infused Gin by our friends at Caskwerks. We’ll dress it up in our funkiest glass and get ready to pass out the candy.

Click here for the recipe!

Bloody Black Eye

Get creative (and classy) with some garnish. We added a lychee and blackberry to resemble an eyeball. I love the way the deep red Cranberry Thyme looks in a big goblet! 

Click here for the recipe!

A Festive Twist on the Classics for Thanksgiving

Cranberry Codder 

Cape Cod recipe made with Iconic Cranberry Thyme

This recipe was created for the “Vodka Cranberry” lovers. Anyone else have one of those guys in the family? We sure do. We know that this recipe will surely please the particular palette at the dinner table. 

Click here for the recipe! 

Yule Mule 

Iconic Ginga Syrup and Cranberry Thyme cocktail mixer for handcrafted cocktails and mocktails

Pair Iconic Ginga Syrup with Cranberry Thyme to make a holiday Moscow Mule! Sneak some fresh cranberries from the cranberry sauce to garnish. 

Click here for the recipe! 


A nightcap wearing a santa hat, this take on Manhattan is a true crowd pleaser. A little Cranberry Thyme with whiskey and sweet vermouth comes together for the perfect holiday cocktail. 

Click here for the recipe! 

Batched Cocktails (and a great mocktail) For Friends and Family on Xmas

Christmas Margaritas 

Who says that tequila has to only be a summer spirit? Not us. In Arizona, we can get away with margaritas year-round so that’s why we’re sharing this Christmas Margarita. This batched recipe is perfect to serve a crowd.

Click here for the recipe! 

Auld Lang Thyme 

Break out grandma’s punch bowl and serve up a tangy mix of Iconic Cranberry Thyme with orange juice. 

Click here for the recipe! 


Cranberry Shrub non-alcoholic cocktail recipe with Iconic Cranberry Thyme

Pucker up with this Cranberry Shrub. Having a mocktail recipe in your back pocket for your spirit-free friends goes a long way. A mocktail doesn’t have to be boring. A kiss of apple cider vinegar takes this cocktail to the next level. 

Click here for the recipe! 

There you have it! A collection of recipes featuring Cranberry Thyme that we’ll be making this season. And these are just the holidays we celebrate and we know there’s a lot more out there. How are you connecting with friends and family this season? If it’s over a cocktail, share your recipes with us by tagging @iconiccocktailco or sending us an email to! We’d love to hear what you’re mixing up!
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