The Office White Elephant Gifts Worth Stealing

The Office White Elephant Gifts Worth Stealing

You remember that scene from the Office when Michael Scott says, “Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It’s like this tangible thing that you can point to and say, `Hey man, I love you this many dollars worth.’"

Yeah, we know, it’s season 2 so Micheal’s character is still pretty awful. It gets better if you haven’t watched the Office yet. But we’re not here to talk about our favorite TV Show!! We’re here to talk about Yyyannkeee Swap. 

You can call it Nasty Christmas or White Elephant but Michael Scott calls it fun. 

In this blog post, we’re giving you some white elephant ideas to out-gift the Creed’s and Kelly’s of your office, and perhaps, even Michael himself. Whatever budget your office sets, these are white elephant gifts worth stealing.  

We know one thing for sure. If you bring a cocktail related item or alcohol itself, you will be the most popular person at the party. These gift ideas pair our handcrafted cocktail mixers with other items to take it to the next level without breaking the bank.

White Elephant Gifts Worth Stealing

Under $25 Budget - The “I Only Care About You a Homemade Oven Mitt’s Worth” 

No shade to Phyllis’ oven mitt, but these might be a little better than that. For under $25, you can still give quality mixers, bar tools, and a kit that will let them make a cocktail right when they open it. You can’t steal something that isn’t there. 

Iconic Bottle + Recipe Card | $11-$13 (for the Mini) $21-$23 (for the large)

Any of our handcrafted cocktail mixers will make an excellent gift. Whatever flavor you choose, they will not be disappointed with a fresh batch of Iconic. And you can add a recipe card for even more value!

A Bag of Lemons + Hand Juicer + Citrus Peeler | $24

This kit has a fun “get in the kitchen” humorous vibe to it. It’s like giving a sack of potatoes with a peeler but WAY better. If a person loves garnishing their cocktails, this quality Viski citrus press and hand zester would be perfect with a fresh bag of lemons.

A Cocktail at the Ready. Mini Mixer + Airline Bottle | $15 

You can’t steal a gift if you drink it before the game is over. Give a Mini Mixer and some airline bottles of popular spirits. We recommend our seasonal Meyer Lemon Balm Mini with Tequila. 

Under $50 Budget - Pam’s Teapot with the Yearbook Picture.

Put a little more thought into your white elephant gifts with the Teapot level of gift ideas. If you want to add a note to profess your love for someone at your office, that’s totally up to you (we do handwritten gift messages at check, FYI). We’re leaving the Iconic Shop for some of these and inspiring you to get items that will encourage people to be creative in the bar. 

Spirit Pack | $40

A tried and true Cocktail Kit for whatever style of crowd you’re hosting. We have six curated packs designed for different styles of cocktails that come with dedicated recipes. Do you have a Meredith at your office? Try the Agave Adventure. Is there an Oscar? Go for the Barreled Age. Maybe there’s an Angela who doesn’t drink. Try the Sparkling Stars

Large Mixer + Recipe Card + Speed Pours | $25-$26

This combo couldn’t be more perfect. Our speed pours fit directly into our large bottles of mixers so they can feel like a real pro adding this to their home bar.

The Best Recipe Book, The Flavor Bible | $40

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, the Flavor Bible is the BEST cookbook without a single recipe in it. This unique way to look at ingredients will change everything about your cooking and cocktail making.

Under $100 Budget - The “I Gave Ryan an iPod” 

You know what, be the Michael Scott of your office. Get the big gift that everyone wants.

The Full Experience Bar Kit | $99

Our eight-piece bar kit skips over all the fluff and nonsense you don't need to clutter your home bar. These tools are exclusively sourced by Viski, a brand that prides itself on craftsmanship.  

Local Artisan Spirit + Mini Mixer Pack | $75

Like we said earlier, any sort of alcohol will be a hit. Splurge and support local by buying a spirit made in your neighborhood. We love Arizona Distilling, Blue Clover, Whiskey Del Bac, or San Tan Spirits. Pair it with a Mini Mixer Pack that you build to match with the spirit of your choice, and you’ll be as popular as the iPod.  

Pair of Arizona Rocks Glasses + Pair of Mixers  | $66

There’s nothing better than quality rocks glasses. Head to Urbana at the Scottsdale Quarter or Arcadia to shop their collection of glassware. Pair your pair of glasses with a pair of mixers. Hint: if you shop from IconicCocktail.Com, two mixers will come in a box that will easily fit two glasses. 

The Clever Swap, Mini Mixer Pack with a Bar Measure | $62

We’re wrapping up this gift guide with our FAVORITE gift hack. The clever swap. Get a Mini Mixer Pack or a Spirit Pack. Take a bottle out for yourself (no one will know) and replace it with an airline bottle, a shot glass, a bar measure. Gift for them, gift for you. 


There you have it. AMPLE White Elephant gift ideas to recreate the Office Season Two Christmas Party. Shop online this season on our website, support your local shops & makers, and get your gifts EARLY. It’s going to be a busy holiday season and you don’t want to be Creed who obviously forgot to get something and you have to dig up an old t-shirt and throw it in a bag.

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