Watermelon Frozé Summer Cocktail!

A summer wouldn't be complete without a pool party! We got together with some friends and threw a colorful celebration and brought the cocktails. This frozen cocktail recipe is a perfect way to batch out drinks for friends. Using a local gin, some rosé, fresh strawberries, our newest seasonal mixer, Watermelon Rose Tonic, this drink will become your go-to pool party cocktail! 


Makes 4 cocktails 

-Combine all in a blender 

-Pulse 3-4 times until the ice is at a smooth consistency 

-Pour evenly into 4 glasses and garnish with basil and strawberry wedge 


Trader Joe's Simpler Wines Four Pack of Rosé is WHERE IT'S AT. Their four pack is perfect for this recipe because you just need two cans. That's leaves enough for a second round. 

For our recipe, we used a local gin from Three Wells distillery in Tucson, Arizona. The Mt. Lemmon Gin has a flavor combination of mild juniper, desert rain, hint of citrus and lingering warmth which pairs nicely with Iconic's Watermelon Rose Tonic and the floral notes of the rosé.

The ice helps dilute and blend the cocktail. If you don't have a blender, crushed or pebble ice will give you the same effect. 

Want the recipe for one? Here's the ration:


  • 1oz Gin
  • 1oz Watermelon Rose Tonic
  • 1/2oz Lime Juice
  • 3oz Sparkling Rose 
  • 1-2 Strawberries

-Muddle the strawberries in a glass with lime juice

-Add the rest of ingredients with crushed ice.

What's your favorite cocktail to make for pool parties? We want to see them this summer! Make sure to share your cocktail recipes with us by tagging photos with #justaddspirit.

A big shoutout to our friends over at Tremaine Ranch for hosting this wonderful pool party! You can read more on pool party essentials like recipes for your taco bar and tips on finding the best pool floats at the Tremaine Ranch Blog! 

Have fun this summer! Stay cool and keep the cocktails flowing. 


Iconic Cocktail Co.