Ultra Violet Cocktail featuring a Homemade Blue Curacao

Ultra Violet Cocktail featuring a Homemade Blue Curacao

We are so thrilled to share the most delicious cocktail that we enjoyed this New Years! We partnered with Tremaine Ranch to create a unique drink that showcases the Pantone color of the year; Ultra Violet! Leah of Tremaine Ranch organized the most magical photoshoot that pretty much turned into an actual party with some of our favorite women entrepreneurs. 

Some backstory: Our company is 50/50 between myself (Kaylee) and Matt (an established bartender.) When Leah asked me to be involved, I was finally able to take everything Matt has taught me in the past 5 years of being together and created my very own cocktail. Don't worry, Matt was answering my questions every step of the way, so this cocktail recipe is bartender approved. 

So let's start with the main ingredient; Curacao Liquor. Curacao Liquor is a grain-based sweet spirit made with orange peel and sugar. Blue Curacao is like just like a typical Curacao liquor but colored blue with the main function to...decorate a cocktail.

Although store-bought Blue Curacao is convenient, it is usually made with artificial food coloring. In this recipe, we replaced blue food coloring and use natural Butterfly Pea Flower to dye the liquor a vibrant blue with the added feature of CHANGING COLORS when citrus is introduced! This magical ingredient, also known as Blue-Pea Flower, derives from South East Asia and is most commonly used for tea. So not only will it add a fun color effect to your blue curacao, it also introduces a depth of herbal tea notes to your liquor.

We used our newest seasonal mixer, >Meyer Lemon Balm in this cocktail recipe to create something bright and vibrant. Your guests will be amazed when you pour your bright blue curacao liquor into a shaker and strain a violet cocktail into their glass! Enjoy the recipe and remember to drink responsibly.

Homemade Blue Curacao:
Zest of 12 Navel Oranges
2oz. Bitter Orange Peel
1 Liter of Gin
1 Liter of Vodka
2 cups of Butterfly Pea Flower
6 cups of water
8 cups of sugar

Yields about 4.5 quarts


1. First, zest oranges into a large container. Add Bitter Orange Peel, Vodka, and Gin, and Butterfly Pea Flower
2. Let infuse for 5-10 days (does not need to be refrigerated.) Stir at least once a day.
3. Strain through a filter. Add water and sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved.
4. Store in a glass container in the refrigerated for up to one year.

Not sure if you've got the time to make your own Blue Curacao? Don't worry, there are other options available to purchase in-store or online. But we highly recommend making your own!


Now that you've got your Blue Curacao, be sure to make the Blue Christmas Cocktail and wow your guests with the most delicious flavors and colors you can pour. All of your friends will be so impressed. Enjoy!

Blue Christmas Cocktail:
1.5oz. Gin
1.5oz. Blue Curacao
1oz. Iconic Meyer Lemon Balm
1/2oz. Lemon Juice
2-3 dashes of Orange bitters

1. Combine all in a shaker and shake with ice
2. Strain into a chilled coup.

We want to finish up by sharing the most incredible photos that captured this fun day with some of Iconic's BFFs. Click here to see the full feature on Green Wedding Shoes! Here's to starting the new year off with a splash of Ultra Violet and some seriously amazing people. 


Iconic Cocktail Co. 



Creative Team:
Floral: Hoot & Holler 
Stationary: Prickly Pear Paper
Balloons, Rentals & Design: Tremaine Ranch
Cocktails: Iconic Cocktail Co.
Candles: Standard Wax
Photographer: Luna Bear Studios
Food: Brendan McCaskey
Dessert: Voyager Bakeshop
Sugar Cubes: Teaspressa
Hair & Makeup: Braids & Bobbypins

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