Tiki Cocktail for the Win (Always)

Tiki Cocktail for the Win (Always)

Tiki is known for being a misunderstood and beloved style of cocktail.  Big and bold, intense, tropical, flamboyant, unapologetic, whimsical, sophisticated, balanced, strong...what else could you want in a drink??

Our “Lucky 53” is a desert inspired cocktail that is sure to please even the most extreme Tiki fan. Start with your favorite rum. We chose Papago Rum from Adventurous Stills because we love supporting local. This rum is made from 100% select molasses in the Caribbean style and finished in new white oak casks which results in flavors of banana, vanilla, and smoke. Combining this premium rum with our seasonal Meyer Lemon Balm and fiery Ginga Syrup will become the start of a well balanced tiki drink.

Adding some aromatic bitters (our choice is Mi Casa from AZ Bitters Lab), garnishing with the over the top tiki style, and finishing off with a drizzle of Prickly Pear Sour, will make a delicious, Arizona inspired Tiki cocktail. Cheers!



-Combine all besides Prickly Pear Sour and shake with ice

-Add ice to you fav tiki glass and fill halfway with sparkling water

-Strain into glass and drizzle Prickly Pear Sour over the top

-Garnish with mint, lime wheel, and cinnamon stick (the more the better for tiki)



  • Try using dehydrated lime wheels instead of fresh.

  • Express the oils in the mint by gently clapping it in your hands and run the leaves up and down the glass before garnishing.

  • Light your cinnamon stick on fire! It will smoke and give off an elegant smokey-cinnamon scent.



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