Three Ways to Enjoy Aperol this Summer

Three Ways to Enjoy Aperol this Summer

If Aperol isn’t the spirit of summer, then we don’t know what is. Made from bitter gentian and cinchona, colored with rhubarb (among other things), Aperol is as vibrant as it is delicious. A little bit of Aperol can transform any classic cocktail into a summer sensation. In this blog post, we’re rounding up three ways you can enjoy with liqueur with a fun DIY, a seasonal recipe, and even a NA alternative to stock the bar.

One of the most iconic summer beverages is the Aperol Spritz. Part of an ingenious marketing campaign, this Italian liqueur designed a signature beverage that has become world renowned. You simply cannot make an Aperol Spritz without Aperol. 

But what else is there? The answer, so much. 

Aperol is often substituted and confused for Campari. While they share similarities, they’re two major differences between the two spirits. 

First off, it’s about half as less alcoholic than Campari, coming in at 11% ABV. This plays into how you introduce this spirit into your cocktail. Naturally lower in alcohol, the Aperol Spritz is a perfect summer sipper because you can enjoy these all day long without getting too wild. 

Second, Aperol is way less bitter than Campari. This makes Aperol more approachable and easy to discover if you’re new to using liqueurs in your home cocktails. 

Over the years, we have fallen more in love with Aperol. It’s a spirit that is regularly stocked in the home bar and flows plentiful over the hot summer months. Here are three ways we enjoy this spirit (even if you’re not drinking! Keep reading for a lovely spirit-free alternative to Aperol) 

Make Bottled Aperol Spritz with Handcrafted Tonic Syrups from Iconic Cocktail Co. 

Make Bottled Aperol Spritz with handcrafted Tonic Syrups from Iconic Cocktail Co.

Looking for a fun project to keep you entertained this summer? Bottling your own cocktails or sodas could be exactly what you’re looking for! It might seem complicated, but it's rather simple with a few tricks and gadgets. This easy step-by-step will help you achieve the perfect, bubbly bottled cocktail. Check out this blog post and learn how we added an Iconic touch to the Aperol Spritz!

Try this Peach Aperol Cocktail made with Seasonal Special Saffron Peach Sour 

Try this Peach Aperol Cocktail made with Seasonal Special Saffron Peach Sour from Iconic Cocktail co.

The Calumet is a forever favorite cocktail. Backstory: Matt helped develop the bar program for a friend's bar out in Wichita, Kansas (we're talking about you @the.belmont.ks) and a variation of this cocktail made the list and it's still on there. Before he left for the trip, Matt tested out a few recipes with the Iconic team...and we wouldn't let this one go. We craved it. With a few alterations, we're proud to share our take on this recipe featuring Iconic Saffron Peach Sour. It is a must try! ⁠

Use this Non-Alcoholic Alternative to Aperol for Delicious Spirit-Free Cocktails 

The first sip of San Bitter Red from San Pellegrino will make you skip any desire to drink. The perfect alternative to Aperol, this Non-Alcoholic soda tastes just like the real thing. Anytime a recipe calls for Aperol (or Campari) you can use SanBitter Red to turn it into a lovely mocktail!

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