Three Batched Cocktails for Summer Pool Time Made with Iconic Watermelon Rose Tonic

Three Batched Cocktails for Summer Pool Time Made with Iconic Watermelon Rose Tonic

Let’s be real. We might all die this summer if we don’t find our way to the pool. Before you jump in, be sure to have one of these pitcher cocktail recipes at the ready. Made with our seasonal Watermelon Rose Tonic, these three batched recipes are exactly what you need to chill poolside. 

Download these three recipe cards to get you inspired this summer! 

A Pitcher of Watermelon Sangria and a Big Bowl of Fruit 

When making a summer sangria, keep the fruit on the side. Delicate fruits like watermelon or berries can disintegrate into the punch leaving you with a soggy, unappealing piece of fruit. Our vibe is to make the sangria and keep the fruit close by for snacking or for garnish. 

This sangria calls for our summer seasonal, Iconic Watermelon Rose Tonic. This mixer is made with fresh melons and fragrant roses, all balanced out with the right amount of quinine. To complement the rose flavor, we are using a Rosé instead of white wine. Garnished with slices of cucumber and melon balls from watermelon and Korean melon, this will be your new favorite summer sipper. 

Melo Rosé Sangria 

Makes 6

  • 1 bottle of Rosé 
  • 1 cup Iconic Watermelon Rose Tonic
  • ¼ cup lime juice
  • 1 12oz can sparkling water 
  • Garnish with cucumber, melon balls, and lime wheels 

-Combine all in a pitcher 
-Garnish your glasses and serve with ice 

Frozen Piña Coladas That Taste like Shaved Ice 

If you’re craving a summer vacation, this Piña Colada is for you. Instead of using pineapple, we’re subbing in Watermelon Rose Tonic for a unique twist. Blend up the ingredients and add the Watermelon Rose Tonic last to color your cocktail. Serve it in a glass or eat it with a spoon in a bowl, we don’t judge. 

Sandia Colada  

Makes 4 

  • ½ cup of Rum
  • ¾ cup of Creme de Coconut 
  • ¼ cup of lime
  • 4 cups of ice
  • 4oz of Watermelon Rose Tonic, divided 

-Combine all but the Watermelon Rose Tonic in a blender 
-Blend until smooth and pour into 4 tropical glasses
-Add 1oz of Watermelon Rose Tonic to each and garnish with dried rose

Add Some Spice to Summer with a Batch of Jalapeño Watermelon Margaritas

Spicy summer weather? Round it out with a spicy summer cocktail! This batch of margaritas can be as hot as you want it by modifying the amount of jalapeños you use. This recipe is great if your garden is pumping out peppers and you are running out of ways to use them. Simply muddle them into a pitcher to release the flavors and build this batched margaritas for a juicy Watermelon Rose Tonic cocktail. 

Pimienta Pitcher 

Makes 8

  • 6-8 jalapeños slices, depending on how spicy you like it 
  • ½ cup of lime juice 
  • 2 cups of Tequila 
  • 1 cup of Iconic Watermelon Rose Tonic 
  • 2 cups of ice 
-In a pitcher, add jalapeño and lime juice and gently muddle the peppers 
-Add the rest with ice and stir to combine 

-Pour into glasses and garnish with a pepper from the garden

Download Summer Recipes and Get a Taste of Summer with a Watermelon Rose Tonic

As temps rise this summer, stock your bar with the right kind of flavor. Iconic Watermelon Rose Tonic is made with real ingredients and low sugar for better summertime cocktails

Download these three recipe cards to get you inspired this summer! 

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