The One-Two Punch: Simple Two Ingredient Cocktails

The One-Two Punch: Simple Two Ingredient Cocktails

Easy two ingredient cocktails to make from Iconic Cocktail Co.

Here’s the one-two punch. 

  • Skip the sugar store-bought margarita mixer. 
  • Stock your bar with Iconic Mixers. 
  • Make fresh (and incredibly easy) cocktails. 

At Iconic, we cut back on sugar and focus on the flavors of our locally sourced ingredients. We craft every bottle with quality produce like whole lemons, fresh prickly pears, crisp ginger, and fragrant lime leaves. We never mess with artificial flavorings, dyes, or unnatural preservatives.  

When you start with great ingredients and refuse to cut corners, the end product will always be delicious. So next time you’re looking for an easy cocktail to make, forget that gross bottle of margarita mixer that’s packed with sugar and additives. Reach for a bottle of Iconic. 

Make fresh cocktails with Iconic mixers

How to Make a One-Two Punch: 

-Combine equal parts spirit and mixer over ice

-Optional: add a splash of soda water

Our Favorite Two Ingredient Combinations: 

Find your new favorite recipe:

When you're ready to up your cocktail game, we have a recipe page filled with all kinds of way to use your Iconic Mixers. Filter by season, spirit, mixer, and style to find your new favorite cocktail! 

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