Spiced Honey in the Woods. Our New Favorite Camping Tool.

Spiced Honey in the Woods. Our New Favorite Camping Tool.

We know it’s hot. We’re in the desert. School’s out and it’s time to beat the heat. And it's Fourth of July weekend! What’s the best way to celebrate? Camping.

We love camping. It’s a chance to get outside when it’s not a million degrees. There’s bonfires and s’mores at night. There’s the early morning dew on tents and trees around you. And I don’t know what it is about the outdoors but it just makes you want to drink whiskey. Let’s face it. Camping is the best.

Since the summer is upon us and many of you will be heading up north to the woods, we wanted to give you four reasons why our Spiced Honey mixer should be on your camping supply list this year. Just in time for the 4th. 

  1. Whiskey. All of the whiskey.  We know that cocktails aren’t going to be the number one priority when you're out in the woods but whiskey? We know that’s a priority. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve definitely found myself taking pulls of whiskey straight from the bottle around the fire. It burns. A way to ease the pain is with a splash of Spiced Honey. If you take a swig straight from the bottle, we won’t judge you. If you’re the classy camper and you like to sip your whiskey neat, a quick spoonful and a stir will keep you nice and cozy all night long.

  2. Coffee. For the hangover after all the whiskey. It’s the morning after. The quiet trees and the morning dew surrounds you. I’ve heard this theory that hangovers don’t really exist when you’re camping but I don’t believe it. Coffee is a must to start the day in the woods. Whatever style you go with, Spiced Honey will add a little something else to your morning cup of joe.

  3. Instant Oats. Breakfast on the fly. Just like your instant coffee, you have your instant breakfast. Some hot water over some oats isn’t enough for this camper. If you’re looking for a way to sweeten up breakfast without having to pack a bag of sugar, add some Spiced Honey to your oats. Your morning fuel just got better.

  4. Foiled Wrapped Food. We love it. So you’ve come full circle and it’s dinner time by the fire again. One of our favorite ways to cook while camping is to wrap everything in foil and cooking it over the open flame. We know this works great for fish but dare I say, could the experienced camper pull off ribs?! I think so. Start early and foil wrap a rack of ribs and let them slow cook over a low flame during the day. By the time dinner rolls around, you’ll have the meat falling right off the bone. Whip up a quick barbecue sauce and add some Spiced Honey to give it the sweet, sweet finishing touch you deserve.

So just like that, one bottle of Spiced Honey will change the way you camp four different ways. 

Of course when camping, we want you to be safe. Please make sure you maintain and remain by your fire. Don’t drink too much and try to drive your boat or RV or whatever motorized thing you may own. And try not to go into a sugar coma from all the s'mores. We want to see you safe in the city after summer time is over.   

To pick up a bottle of our Spiced Honey, check out this week’s schedule of markets right here. Or if you’re in the Phoenix area, message us. We want to make sure that you have your new favorite camping item before you head out to the mountains.


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