Rosé Two Ways: Red and White Sangria Recipes

Red and white Rose sangria recipes

Making a pitcher of Sangria is a great way to have multiple cocktails at the ready with minimal prep. Brighten up a bottle of wine by adding a few ingredients and you’ve got an all-day drinker for summer! 

Our favorite sangria tip: don’t add fruit to the pitcher. I know, I know. Everything you see on Pinterest or magazines will tell you otherwise. We believe keeping the fruit on the side and garnishing glasses as your serve is the freshest way to enjoy sangria! When you're using delicate fruits like watermelon or berries, they can disintegrate into the punch leaving you with a soggy, unappealing bite of fruit. NO THANKS. Keep your pitchers plain (#plainpitchers) and go crazy with your glasses. For a wow factor, layer pieces of fruit between ice in clear glass. 

white rosé sangria with iconic watermelon rose tonic

For your sangria, skip simple syrups and use Iconic Mixers instead. Made with real ingredients and fresh fruit, Iconic Mixers add extra flavor and body to the batch. We can skip the fruit in the pitcher because our mixers are already packed with flavor (we did the work for you!) Adding this handcrafted mixer to your batched cocktail will be everything you need for these sangria recipes! 

Enjoy two rose-flavored sangrias below! Recreate them this summer or get creative and make your own!

First up, a white sangria with juicy melon, refreshing cucumber, and tart lime. 

This sangria calls for our summer seasonal, Iconic Watermelon Rose Tonic. This mixer is made with fresh melons and fragrant roses, all balanced out with the right amount of quinine. To complement the rose flavor, we are using a Rosé instead of white wine. Garnished with slices of cucumber and melon balls from watermelon and Korean melon, this will be your new favorite summer sipper. 

Melo Rosé Sangria 

  • 1 bottle of Rosé 
  • 1 cup Iconic Watermelon Rose Tonic
  • ¼ cup lime juice
  • 1 12oz can sparkling water 
  • Garnish with cucumber, melon balls, and lime wheels 

-Combine all in a pitcher 

-Garnish your glasses and serve with ice 

white rosé sangria recipe made with Iconic Watermelon Rose Tonic


white rosé sangria recipe made with iconic watermelon rose tonic

white rosé sangria recipe made with iconic watermelon rose tonic

Next up, a red sangria with a hint of rose and deep berries notes.

This red sangria, we are using Iconic Mulberry Rose that has deep dark berry notes. Seasonally special, Mulberry Rose is only made when Persian Mulberries are in season. We capture this time by bottling up this small-batch mixer with fresh berries. For our sangria, we went with a wonderfully light Arizona wine by Page Springs Cellars. Mule’s Mistake Red Blend is known for its summer drinking body. To complete this blend of flavors, we’re garnishing with blackberries, lemons, and tarragon. 

Cellar's Sangria 

-Combine all in a pitcher and stir

-Serve with ice and garnish 

red sangria recipe made with iconic mulberry rose

red sangria made with iconic mulberry rose

red sangria made with iconic mulberry rose

red sangria made with iconic mulberry rose