Peach Party Punch

Peach Party Punch


In a perfect world, you’d have all of your best pals over to your place for the most epic 4th of July BBQ ever. There would be music, the grill would be sending out burger after burger...maybe a portobello cap or two. Tons of laughs, swimming, and of course...cocktails.

Now it’s way easier to fill a cooler with beer and pop open a couple bottles of wine but where’s the fun in that?

We believe in the home bartender. That’s you! Batching the perfect punch shouldn’t be more work than jumping in the pool. We don’t expect you to make your own simple syrup and infuse some spirit and buy a million ingredients. It’s a party. People just want something boozy, fresh, and delicious. 

We are here to help. We have come up with an easy-peasy punch that requires hardly any measuring. We’re talking about pouring bottles straight upside down into your favorite pitcher and calling it day.

Now that’s a cocktail we can get behind. All you need is a pitcher or a punch bowl, cups for your guests, and a spoon to stir. 

Easy right?


  • 1 Liter of Light Rum
    • Go ahead and pick up a bottle of your favorite light rum. When in doubt, we support our local distillers because we love what they are doing. A bottle of OHSO Hashtag Rum is an award winning, velvety smooth spirit distilled locally in Arizona. Check them out to pick up a bottle!

    • Keep in mind, a classic punch calls for rum. Don’t like rum? No problem! Sub in your favorite light spirit and it will taste equally delicious.

  • 17oz. Pichuberry Peach Sour

    • This is where we come in! Our summer seasonal taste like...well SUMMER! One bottle of Pichuberry Peach Sour is packed with tons of flavor. Made like a traditional sour, this mixer is bright & bold. Find it at a collection of shops around town or we can ship it right to your door.

  • 4oz. Spiced Honey

    • Did you know that word "punch" comes from a Sanskrit word for panc meaning "five." A classic punch recipe should have five components: sweet, sour, strong (alcohol), weak (water), and SPICE. That is why our Spiced Honey will add that perfect blend of spice to this recipe.  

  • 4oz. Ginga Syrup

    • We added our Ginga Syrup as a nod to the ginger ale punches that were all the rage in the early 80s. The addition of our Ginga Syrup will add a fiery kick to reinforce that SPICE component we're looking for. 

  • 6oz. of Lemon Juice

    • This will be about 3-4 lemons worth of juice. Don't want to juice lemons? We love using Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice to make it even easier. Super easy to find at your grocery store. Maybe just use fresh lemons for garnish. We like that too. 

  • Fresh Mint

    • If you're fancy like that. A lemon wheel with a fresh sprig of mint just makes your party extra classy.

Pichuberry Peach Sour Summer Punch



Pichuberry Peach Sour Summer Punch



Pichuberry Peach Sour Summer Punch



Pichuberry Peach Sour Summer Punch



  1. Pour that bottle of rum directly into your pitcher. What? The whole bottle of rum?! Yes. the whole bottle of rum.

  2. Add that whole bottle of Pichuberry Peach sour into your pitch. Yep. The whole bottle. Our mixers are designed for the 2:1 ratio of spirit and mixer. Ready for us to drop knowledge? There are about 34 ounces in a liter of spirit. Our mixers are 17 ounces so it makes the perfect ratio. Try it out with any spirit and any one of our mixers.

  3. Pop open those baby bottles and add both the Ginga Syrup and Spiced Honey. These will add a bit of bite to your party punch

  4. Add your lemon juice and mix it upreal nice.

  5. Serve to your guests over ice. Wanna stretch out the punch even more? Add a splash of sparkling water to the glass. It gives the cocktail some bubbles and you will practically double the servings. #win

  6. We like being fancy. Garnish with a lemon wheel and a sprig of fresh mint. But this is totally optional.

Boom. You have punch. This recipe will serve about 32 servings over ice in a reasonable size glass. If you're serving it with sparkling water, we bet you can get about 50 servings.


  • Serve your ice on the side. Adding ice directly to your pitcher or punch bowl will quickly melt and water down your cocktail. Plus you lose room for all the good stuff.
  • Have a liter of sparkling water nearby. This will allow your guests to dilute the cocktail to their liking. 
  • Make a non-alcoholic batch for your designated drivers and nondrinkers! This could be as easy as having an extra bottle of Pichuberry Peach Sour on the side. Encourage them to add a splash to the sparkling water you left nearby.

We hope you enjoy this fast, easy, super delicious, full of flavor without a ton of work, party your butts off kind of punch. This recipe would be great for any summer gathering. Enjoy responsibly and HAVE FUN.

As always, we encourage you to be creative. Do you have a punch recipe that you made with our mixers and want to share it? Do it! Tag your photos with #justaddspirit!


Iconic Cocktail Co.

P.S. Thanks to our friends Standard Wax, Tremaine Ranch, and Teaspressa for drinking cocktails with us and taking these pictures. Our friends have the best job. ;)

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