Making the Most Pheast Worthy Hot Apple Cider

Making the Most Pheast Worthy Hot Apple Cider

This was the second year the PHX Pheast hosted a stunning dinner outside of the Phoenix Public Market. This community event was a chance for visitors around the valley to come together to sample and taste small plates made by some of Arizona’s most celebrated chefs. Each chef was partnered with a local farmer to create a dish featuring seasonal produce which resulted in the most satisfying bites. And not just for the taste buds...Proceeds from PHX Pheast directly support Community Food Connection’s Small Farm Fund, which provides grants to local growers for farm projects that have positive impacts on local food systems, agricultural diversity, and the environment.

It’s an event that tastes amazing and supports the farmers and growers that make Phoenix special. 

The PHX Pheast isn’t complete without drinks. We set up the Iconic bar and made sure the libations were flowing all night long. We partnered with Santan Spirits from Chandler to make some drinks that were as delightful as the food. 

Guests were sipping on the ‘Thyme to Pheast’ cocktail within moments of walking through the door. Made with seasonal Iconic Cranberry ThymeIconic Lime Leaf Tonic, Santan Lime Leaf Vodka, and a squeeze of lime, this cocktail was an easy drinker to start the night. Make one at home with this recipe!

Thyme To Pheast 

-Combine all in a glass with ice 

But the cocktail we can’t get enough of is the Sacred Spiced Toddy that features SanTan’s Sacred Stave, an American Single Malt Whiskey. Natasha Hill, head bartender of the Spirit House for SanTan Distillery, whipped up a big batch of homemade Hot Apple Cider that is so wildly delicious that we can’t keep it to ourselves. 

Iconic Cocktail Co PHX Pheast Hot Apple Cider Spiced Honey

This cocktail is completed with a Cinnamon Hug-- an apple chip perfected by our friends at Fluffy Vegans. You can find them set up at the Phoenix Public Market showcasing their line of vegan charcuteries like these apple chips as well as amazing kale chips, and faux meats and cheeses.   

We’re sharing how to recreate the Sacred Spiced Toddy in a large batch so you can throw your own community dinner in your backyard this season. 

Hill’s Homemade Hot Apple Cider Mix 

(makes a little over 1 gallon)  

  • 16 cups Unsweetened Apple Juice 
  • 1 Cup Maple Syrup 
  • 1 Cup Iconic Spiced Honey 
  • 12 Cinnamon Sticks 
  • 4 TSP Black Peppercorn 
  • 2 TSP Whole Cloves 
  • 1 TSP Nutmeg 
  • 2 TSP Orange Peels 

-Add unsweetened apple juice to a cooking pot. Turn up the heat and add all delicious ingredients as it starts to boil. 

-Stir occasionally for about 10 minutes (or until the cinnamon sticks open up)

-Keep warm and at the ready for a Sacred Spied Toddy (or simply serve in a mug for a non-alcoholic drink!)  

Sacred Spiced Toddy 

  • 1 part Santan Sacred Stave Whiskey 
  • 1 part Homemade Hot Apple Cider 
  • 1 Fluffy Vegans Cinnamon Hug Apple Chip 

Serve hot in a mug. Make individual drinks or batch out 1:1 ratio for a large group! 

Iconic Cocktail Co PHX Pheast Hot Apple Cider Spiced Honey

Iconic Cocktail Co PHX Pheast Hot Apple Cider Spiced Honey

Iconic Cocktail Co PHX Pheast Hot Apple Cider Spiced Honey

Iconic Cocktail Co PHX Pheast Hot Apple Cider Spiced Honey

The PHX Pheast happens once a year in Downtown Phoenix. Follow @phxpheast on Instagram to get updates about the next event. Until then, shop at the Phoenix Public Market to support your local farmers, growers, and makers. We hope this encourages you to grab some seasonal produce and pheast with friends and family. 


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