It's Cranberry Thyme.

It's Cranberry Thyme.

Thanksgiving is finally here and we can’t stop thinking about holiday cocktails. Spreading cheer with a festive libations among friends and family inspires us...enter Cranberry-Thyme Mixer.

With a simple formula of 2 ounces of spirit, 1 ounce of Mixer, and ½ oz of "tart" be it in the form of citrus or vinegar (for an amazing shrub!), you can ensure that your guests’ drinks are just as amazing as what is in the oven. 

Warm and tart with just the right amount of savory balance. Iconic Cranberry-Thyme Mixer is just what you want in your adult beverage this holiday season. 

Mix it with warm apple cider for an amazing cold night treat. Add it to your hard cider for a burst of seasonal flavor. Or simply add a splash to sparkling water (or wine) and make with the merriment.


Any way you decide to enjoy your Iconic Cranberry-Thyme Mixer remember this: Make it yours, make it unique, make it Iconic.

Happy Holidays from Iconic Cocktail Co.

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