Iconic Bar Series: Keeping it Classy with Classic Grenadine

Iconic Cocktail Co Classic Grenadine Cocktail Syrup

So, if you are familiar with our brand, you know we take real ingredients and transform them unique flavor combos. Our Signature and Seasonal line of mixers are original recipes that we begged Matt Farrow to not give away to other bars he worked for back in the day. 

But something you shouldn’t change? The classics. We created a line of mixers for our new collection: the Iconic Bar Series. These flavors are ones you’ve seen before but made ultra-fresh with whole ingredients. This year, we’ll be releasing two new flavors (new to us!) for some bar basics. Staying true to our brand, we are focused on the flavor and cut back on the sugar. We never add artificial flavors or preservatives. And we will continue to make this mixer (and all our mixers) in small batches and deliver you the freshest product. 

Introducing the first in our new Iconic Bar Series: Classic Grenadine 

Iconic Cocktail Co Classic Grenadine Cocktail Mixer

Classic Grenadine is simply pure pomegranate and orange zest. This mixer will add a sweet and fruity tartness to any beverage. We are insanely focused on flavor so our Iconic Classic Grenadine is low in sugar. Use this mixer in any classic recipes or recreate your very own signature cocktail or mocktail. 

Iconic Classic Grenadine Cocktail and Mocktail mixer

Ways to use it: 

  • Instead of using Sweet Vermouth, replace it with Classic Grenadine 
  • Pair this fruity flavor with our fiery Ginga Syrup for a unique Mule or Soda
  • Drizzle slowly on top of cocktails for a dynamic float or sink 

We can’t wait to offer Classic Grenadine to our home bartenders (and our valley restaurants and bars!) Since it’s new to us, we’ll be working on adding new recipes to our website. Until then, check out a fresh take a few classics below. 

A Mezcal Sunrise 

Did you know the original Tequila Sunrise was invented at the Arizona Biltmore? AND it doesn’t include orange juice? We don’t know when the shift happened but we’re sharing our take on this classic. Instead of tequila, we’re celebrating Mezcal Carreno, an Arizona company bringing insanely delicious Mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico.   

-Combine Mezcal, lime, and soda over in a glass with ice 

-Gently drizzle on Classic Grenadine to create a sink 


Stevie Nicks

Shirley Temple cocktail recipe with iconic grenadine syrup

We are taking the Shirley Temple and giving it an Arizona twist. We’re naming it after one of our favorite celebrities, legendary Fleetwood Mac frontwoman, Stevie Nicks, who is from Arizona. Instead of reaching for sugary Sprite, add Iconic Lime Leaf Tonic for the familiar lemon-lime flavor. 

-Combine sparkling water, Iconic Lime Leaf Tonic, and lime juice in a tall glass with ice. 

-Stir to combine 

-Top with Classic Grenadine 

-Garnish with a lime wheel and maraschino cherry. 

Iconic Shirley Temple cocktail with Iconic Classic Grenadine

 Iconic Shirley Temple cocktail with Iconic Classic Grenadine

Iconic Shirley Temple cocktail with Iconic Classic Grenadine