How to Make a Finishing Spray for a Unique Cocktail Garnish

How to Make a Finishing Spray for a Unique Cocktail Garnish

A finishing spray is a simple and clever garnish to add to your home bartending arsenal.

We started making these ‘cocktail mists’ for high volume events. Instead of prepping a million orange wheels or creating a mess with salt rims, Matt had the genius idea of turning that element into a mist. He made an Orange Blossom Mist and a Sea Spray to finish cocktails to order at a handful of events.

It was a hit. Our guests were mesmerized when we finished their cocktail with a simple spritz from a up-cycled iconic bottle with a spray top. “What was that?!” We had a lot of people take note on how to make it themselves. So here we are, years later, finally revealing how to make them (they’re incredibly easy)

Give these a try at home for an easy and impressive garnish. Up-cycle one of your 4oz bottles of Iconic Mixers and find a spray top around your house. (Perfume bottles, room spray, hair spray…be sure to clean them with some vinegar and hot water) And if you can't find one... we have you covered. Get a set that will fit a 4oz Iconic Mixer Bottle! 

learn how to make cocktail mist finishing spray with Iconic Cocktail Mixers

Skip the salted cocktail rim and try a salt water finishing spray

We already source quality sea salt from our friends See Salt Taste to make Grapefruit Fleur de Sel. It was an easy move to make this sea salt finishing spray. Instead of rimming a glass with salt for a Margarita, Paloma, or Bloody Mary, try making Sea Spray.

*Disclosure: you’re working with salt. It’s inevitable for this to clog your atomizer top. A quick rinse in hot water will do the trick*

Sea Spray
1 cup of water
1 cup of salt 

-Place in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir until salt is fully dissolved. (Using a finer salt here is best since it will take the least amount of time to dissolve!)
-Add to a bottle with a spray top

Refreshing Orange Blossom Mist Finishing Spray to light up the senses. 

If you’re a truly loyal fan, you probably have a messy, leaky bottle of Orange Blossom Mist that we attempted to give away a few years ago (there was a lot of things that did not work) When covid hit, we were going to be at an event with our Mesa Sour cocktail that calls with a mist of orange blossom water. Long story short: the event was canceled. We had so much Orange Blossom Water and had nothing to do with it. We got creative. Made very messy bottles of Orange Blossom Mist. We got smarter. Made the first batch of Orange Blossom Tonic.

All that aside, this mist is still a delight. Try it with orange blossom water that you find at most Asian markets or online orrrrrr, you can replace it with Bitter Orange Tonic.

Orange Blossom Mist
¼ cup of Orange Blossom Water (or ½ cup Iconic Bitter Orange Tonic)
¼ cup of water
-Combine together
-Add to a bottle with a spray top

A blast of bitters for Old Fashioneds, Aromatic Sodas, and Elevated Cocktails

A beloved trick every great bartender knows. The Bitter Blast. While it's very much straight bitters in a bottle, we can justify the blast in more ways than one. Instead of a concentrated drop on top of the cocktail, this cocktail mist evenly distributes across the glass. Plus, It’s far more memorizing. 

Bitter Blast
1 bottle of your favorite bitters

-Add to a bottle with a spray top

Cocktail Mist finishing spray for elevated garnish.

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