How to Budget for Holiday Corporate Gifting with Iconic!

How to budget for corporate gifting and find better corporate gifts this year. Iconic Cocktail can help!

We created our Holiday Gift Guide to solve a problem. Over the past years of shipping orders, we’ve learned a thing or two- especially during the busy holiday season. This Holiday Gift Guide was created for when you find yourself in a pickle.

“Can I place this order and have you ship it to multiple locations?”

“Do you offer a bulk discount?”

“Can I add different gift messages to one order?”

“Do you anything special for virtual happy hours?” 

“Will this work within my budget?” 

We can confidently answer YES to all of those questions! 

How to budget for corporate gifting and find better corporate gifts this year. Iconic Cocktail can help!

With our Holiday Gifting options, you can select gifts from our collection of best selling mixers, travel bottles, and curated mixer packs, all in one place. Enjoy bulk pricing on a minimum of 12 packages. Our expert team can handle all of the shipping for you- whether it be to individual addresses, all to one place, or local pick-up. 

Now, let's answer the questions you may have. 

Can I mix and match items or does it all have to be the same thing? 

Don't be fooled by how easy we make holiday gifting for you. Your gifts will still be loaded with personality. Mix and match from all of our offerings to select mixers that are perfect for each of your friends or co-workers. You can even add a personalized gift message to each order. Just download the spreadsheet to identify the gifts you want for each person in your life.

Can you ship to multiple addresses? 

Instead of checking out multiple times to ship to different addresses, you can give our team every address and we'll take care of shipping. Just let us know where each gift should go and we'll be sure for safe and quick arrival. 

Can you ship to one location? 

Want to personally hand out your gifts? We love that. Yes, we can ship all your gifts to one place! Our team will quote you a fair shipping price based on the size of your order. 

Can I save on shipping and pick up my gifts instead?

Absolutely! You can select local pick-up and get all your gifts directly from our workshop and save on shipping. We are open Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm for any pickups or you can reach out to us to schedule a time that works better for you.

How does the bulk discount work? 

As long as you choose a minimum of 12 gifts, we’re happy to honor our bulk pricing reflected in the catalog (that’s 10-20% off retail price!)  

How can I place an order? 

If you want more assistance with placing your order, our team is here to help! Reach out to us via email or give us a call. We can help you pick out gifts and figure out where they need to go. Or if you know what you're doing around here, head to this page to get all the information you need. 

How to budget for corporate gifting and find better corporate gifts this year. Iconic Cocktail can help!

Now, let’s talk about your budget! 

For Small Budgets:  

Mini Mixer + Recipe Card + Local Pick Up | $8 per gift 

Give your team members a handcrafted Mini Mixer like Spiced Honey or Bitter Orange Tonic (makes four cocktails) paired with a recipe card and start planning your next happy hour together. 

Seasonal Flavor + Gift Message + Shipping | $17.5 per gift

Ship a taste of the season to your remote team members to cheers to the hard work you put in this year! Share a mini Cranberry Thyme or Meyer Lemon Balm with a personalized gift message.

For Medium Budgets: 

Large Prickly Pear Sour + Recipe Card + Shipping | $24 per gift 

Share your love of Arizona with your out-of-state clients with a large bottle of Prickly Pear Sour (our best selling cocktail mixer) and a recipe card with three different ways to enjoy it. 

Spirit Pack + Gift Message + Local Pick Up | $36 per gift 

Pick up a ready-to-gift Spirit Pack with a personalized message from our workshop and pass them around the office. 

For Large Budgets 

Mini Mixer Pack + Iconic Stickers + Shipping | $49 Per Gift 

Build your own Mini Mixer Pack with the Iconic Flavors you want all your friends to try and pair them with beautiful watercolor stickers. Ship them directly to your pals and schedule a virtual happy hour together. 

Mega Pack + Gift Message + Shipping | $75 per gift 

If you want to really wow the VIPs in your life, let them unbox a Mega Pack of four Large Mixers with recipes you know they are going to love. Add a gift message to let them know how much they've meant to you all year! 

How to budget for corporate gifting and find better corporate gifts this year. Iconic Cocktail can help!

Let's start the conversation and make this Iconic gifts happen! Reach out to us by email or give us a call to start planning your holiday gifts.