Hosting French Happy Hour with Grapefruit Fleur de Sel

french inspired cocktails by iconic cocktail co

A winning combination for years has been salt and grapefruit. Our spring seasonal, Grapefruit Fleur de Sel, is special because it’s finished with the perfect amount of salt that opens up all the grapefruit flavor. And we didn’t skimp with the salt. We partnered with local business, SEE SALT, who sources hand-harvest fleur de sel directly from the coast of France. 

This salt is harvested from the ocean's marsh and is processed only by the wind and sun. The fleur de sel is the very top layer of the salt marsh making it most premium and delicate in flavor and texture. SEE SALT’s fleur de sel is a finishing salt that is hand-harvested off the coast of Ile de Re, France.

Paired with organic ruby red grapefruits, this combination is a match made in heaven. Use Grapefruit Fleur de Sel with any light or dark spirit. It shines in sparkling water for an all-natural soda. For these recipes, we wanted to recreate some popular french cocktails to properly celebrate the tradition of SEE SALT’s Fleur de Sel. 

Pamplemousse in Paris

french 75 cocktail with classic grenadine

For this take on a French 75, we’re going back to 1915 by adding a touch of Grenadine. Inspired by the Soixante-Quinze made with applejack and grenadine, we are using sparkling wine with strong apple notes and Iconic’s Classic Grenadine. Serve this cocktail in a Flute with a candied citrus twist for a delicate happy hour libation.  

-Build in the flute: combine gin, Grapefruit Fleur de Sel, and lemon juice. 

-Stir to combine

-Gently add sparkling wine 

-Top with Iconic Classic Grenadine 

-Garnish with a candied lemon twist 

french inspired cocktail with classic grenadine and grapefruit fleur de sel


french cocktail with grapefruit fleur de Sel

Inspired by the French Blonde cocktail, we’re transporting ourselves to brunch in Paris. We are using french Lillet Blanc to complement the Grapefruit Fleur de Sel. Serve this cocktail in a glass teacup with a dehydrated citrus wheel and channel your inner french lady. 

-Combine all in a shaker and shake with ice

-Strain into a short glass 

-Garnish with a dehydrated lemon wheel and finish with a touch of lime zest. 

french inspired cocktail with grapefruit fleur de sel

french inspired cocktail with Grapefruit Fleur de Sel

french inspired cocktail with Grapefruit Fleur de Sel

french inspired cocktail with Grapefruit Fleur de Sel