Getting to Know Gin-- Real Sloe Like.

Getting to Know Gin-- Real Sloe Like.

The Sloe Berry, or Sloe Drupe, is native to the UK and grows wild on a 5’ (or so) tall bush. A cousin to the plum, it only grows to about the size of a blueberry. Imagine an adorable blueberry sized plum that tastes like a blackberry, plum, and blueberry all rolled into one...then add it to gin.

Why haven’t you tried it before? Because when most people think of Sloe Gin, they think of artificially flavored, syrupy, and a just plain nasty cocktail modifier found behind some bars. This abomination is NOT real Sloe Gin. REAL Sloe Gin is super tasty and ultra refreshing. Bottled at no more than 30% alcohol in the US and no more than 25% in the UK, this little gem is great in a  classic Fizz. With the lower proof, this mean you can more than just one.

What’s a fizz you ask? It’s a cocktail made with spirit, citrus, sweetener, and carbonated water. No ice needed, except to shake your cocktail of course. We’ve decided to bump up the Sloe Gin Fizz experience with egg whites for what is called a “Silver” Sloe Gin Fizz. Bubbly and creamy-dreamy, this frothy delight will make you the hit of your dinner party, or impress the pants off your date...maybe even literally ;)


If this is something you're interested in, join us at our next workshop we'll be hosting at the Hoot&Holler Studio on November 12, 2014. We'll be serving the Silver Sloe Gin Fizz and other tasty gin drinks behind the Iconic Bar. We'll have the botanicals that make Sloe Gin so great that you can include in your own custom gin blend. Click the link below for more info! 

My BFF, Gin Workshop


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