Five Qualities of a Home Bartender

Five Qualities of a Home Bartender

We designed our cocktail mixers with the home bartender in mind. Helping you make cocktails and explore new spirits and techniques is really what we’re all about. We see people of all levels take ownership of their home bar. Our mixers can be the main inspiration for a cocktail or just a layer in the drink. Either way, we encourage you to be creative regardless of how much knowledge you have about bartending.

We sought out the qualities that make a great home bartender by reaching out to our community. We wanted to hear from the people who have little to no experience behind the restaurant bar but still loves to tinker at home. Here are 5 major themes we saw that make a great home bartender:

  1. Willingness to experiment with things they have available or able to improvise.

  2. They are inquisitive and want to know more. They read and ask questions.

  3. Measuring and preciseness is important to them. They use the right tools when needed and write things down so they can come back to the recipe.  

  4. They taste along the way and check for balance. Their pallet isn’t perfect but they understand the sensory experience that a pallet offers.

  5. At the end of the day, they are generous. They serve people (or themselves) whether it be with food or drinks. They are creative, hungry, and thirsty.

With all this being said, we wanted to highlight a stellar cocktail from one of our favorite home bartenders, Andrew Goody @goodydoesstuff. We asked him what made him a good home bartender and he responded, “knowing the basics/fundamentals of classic cocktails, creativity, and a willingness to discover what people like and expand their pallet rather than just forcing what they think people like.”

His latest creation featuring a homemade Grapefruichello makes us think that many people would enjoy recreating this one at home. Goody was kind enough to share his recipe for Grapefruichello as well as a cocktail featuring Iconic’s Grapefruit Fleur de Sel.

Goody Grapefruit Lemonchello


  • 6 Ruby Red Grapefruits

  • 2 Lemons

  • 750mL Gin (or any neutral base spirit like vodka)

  • 2/3 cups Simple Syrup

-Use a microplan or fine cheese grater and zest citrus avoiding the pith

-Add spirit and zest in an airtight container like a mason jar

-Let sit at room temperature for 7 days and agitate twice a day by shaking the jar

-Strain out zest by using a cheese cloth

-Make a simple syrup (bring 2/3 cups of water to a rapid boil, add 2/3 cups of sugar, stir until sugar is completely dissolved) and let cool completely. Add to infused spirit

-Store in the fridge from up to a year or at room temp for 6 months

Salty Spaceman Cocktail Recipe


-Shaken over ice, serve neat with a dried grapefruit garnish (or a flower if you don’t have the zest!)

Goody shared his batch of Grapefruichello with us and we got to recreate this cocktail. It did not disappoint. Home bartenders like Goody remind us to be courageous and creative. Use what you have and don’t be afraid to experiment. Do you have a recipe that you have master? Share it with us!

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