Celebrating Summer Solstice

Celebrating Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. Well, it’s the longest period of sunlight of the year...the days are all the same length. Also called Midsummer, the word Solstice comes from the Latin words sol meaning “sun” and stistere which means “to stand still.” This day has had a mystic and meaningful impact on humankind for all of our known history. It’s a time for celebration, merriment, and a bit of mischief. 

To celebrate the start of summer, we created two cocktail recipes that will get you in the spirit. 

Summer Solstice Ginga Syrup
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For this cocktail, we created a session style cider perfect to sip on during the long summer day. Adding a bit of apple cider vinegar with a hard cider gives this cocktail an extra pop of tartness. Iconic's Ginga Syrup rounds it out with that familiar ginger burn.

-In a chilled beer mug, combine Ginga Syrup and Apple Cider Vinegar,

-Top with Hard Cider and stir gently.

-Garnish with lemon and apple slices.



To please the forest fairies, we incorporated absinthe in this midsummer inspired cocktail. Made with a local gin from Prescott Distillery, Thumb Butte, and Iconic's Lime Leaf Tonic, this cocktail will surely make you feel the spirit of Fey. 

-In a shaker combine gin, Lime Leaf Tonic, lime juice, and ice. Shake to combine. 

-Fine strain into a rocks glass filled with ice and a splash of sparkling water.

-Float absinthe on top. Garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel

Iconic Lime Leaf Tonic Summer Solstice
Iconic Lime Leaf Tonic Summer Solstice

We hope you enjoy these two summer offerings to celebrate the Solstice! We encourage you to be creative and make your own summer inspired cocktails. Tag us in photos using #justaddspirit and enjoy this summer season! Cheers! 

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