Adieu to Grapefruit Fleur de Sel.

Adieu to Grapefruit Fleur de Sel.

One of our favorite things about being apart of the cocktail mixer business is working with the most seasonal of flavors. We keep our batches fresh and our produce local. This is why we must say farewell to a new house favorite, Grapefruit Fleur de Sel.

We made our very last batch of Grapefruit Fleur de Sel just last week (052516) and sold the last two at the Uptown Farmers Market. Thankfully, the mixers went to a good home. A couple who became hooked after just one purchase the previous week. Maybe we should start giving a dollar off if you show off your empty bottle. #consumepromptly

It's crazy to think that season only lasted two months. For us, the time is flying by so two months is everything. But on paper? I feel like we'll have people coming us saying, "Really? Already? It's gone. We just got ours." But have no fear, there will be year. Mark your calendars because citrus season will come again. 

Citrus season has been kind to us. We were lucky enough to pick up our grapefruit from our across-the-way neighbor at the Farmers Market, the ever so popular McClendon's. We had the chance to bond with the one and only, Bob. Talking to him personally about all the different types of grapefruits we'd get. I remember asking him right before our first purchase where he gets his grapefruits. As if it was as clear as that Wednesday afternoon's sky, he says, "Why, just in the back acres of our farm." He points in the direction of Glendale. So close.

@malorimaeva obviously drinks in style. 


Each grapefruit in the mixer you brought home for the past two months were grown naturally in the orchards of our valley, in citrus farms that have probably lived longer in the Arizona than both of us (and I was born here). Each grapefruit was hand zested and hand juiced (we're getting an electric juicer next year)  and not a single batch was cut with any water.

We stamped over 180 labels. Meaning that we spelt out G-R-A-P-E-F-R-U-I-T-F-L-E-U-R-D-E-S-E-L more than once. Thats a lot of letter folks, 20 total. We were able to proudly represent our partner in all of this: SEE SALT. A custom stamp was not the only thing this company brought to the table. The Fleur de Sel was the true star in our mixer. Known for the amazing texture, the fleur de sel blended so incredibly well with the grapefruits. Each sip reminiscent of a Paloma or Salty Dog. Twenty of our bottles even made to all the way to the Junk in the Trunk event and a handful were definitely popular over at UrbAna in Phoenix.

@nphxmoms snapping one of our favorite shots at the Junk in the Trunk event. 


So, allow us to take a moment to bid adieu to the most kind of seasons: Citrus. We hope our mixers brought refreshment on the first sunny days by the pool and put a warm end on Spring because here comes Summer everyone. And it's going to be hot. 

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us.


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