A New Way to Bloody Mary

A New Way to Bloody Mary

This recipe isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s spicy, bold, unique, tomatoey, and speaks to my Bloody Mary loving heart. When the main man from the Iconic Team doesn’t like a Bloody Mary (ahem...Matt Farrow), it’s been tricky to get this recipe on the site! But after 5 years, we finally did it. 

With the help of some Arizona friends, Cutino Hot Sauce and See Salt Taste, we came up with the most perfect blend of spices for a new kind of Bloody. But this isn’t your typical soupy brunch cocktail with a load of garnishes. It’s a new way to look at the popular breakfast cocktail! We made an up-style Bloody Mary that has a depth of flavor. Almost like a tomato-tini, this ‘out-there’ drink is definitely worth the try. 

We used Cutino’s Limited Edition Mango to give the recipe a sweet heat. Available for a short time, this limited flavor from Jacob Cutino is a must have. We’ve used this hot sauce countless times for cooking and we’re so excited to put it in a cocktail. A tropical burst of coconut milk, fresh habaneros, jalapeños and mango mingle in this flavor festival of fruit and fire! It took this cocktail to a whole new level. Be sure to grab a bottle before it’s gone! 

It doesn’t get more out there then imagining our Spiced Honey in a Bloody Mary. I didn’t believe Matt when he told me either. But it not only performs, it EXCELS in our Tomato-tini. Usually, a bloody mary mix is sweetened just barely with sugar or agave. We used Spiced Honey to add a subtle sweetness and body. The blend of spices dance with the mango flavors in Cutino’s Hot Sauce. It’s wild but you can trust us. 

For the rim, we opted for the best. See Salt’s Fleur de Sel + Black Pepper is the ultimate garnish for this cocktail. Made with Sarawak peppercorns sourced directly from family owned farms in Malaysia, this ingredient is the finest choice for a finishing salt. 

A new bloody mary to make with Cutino Hot Sauce and Iconic Cocktail Co

Mangifera Mary

-Combine all in a shaker with ice 

-Shake until chilled 

-Rim a martini glass with cracked black pepper and kosher salt 

-Fine strain until chilled rimmed glass 

Iconic Spiced Honey and Cutino Mango

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