A Drink for Leap Day

A Drink for Leap Day

classic grenadine leap day cocktail

So, you get an extra day this year. You might as well celebrate! 

Leap Day. For most of us, it’s just February 29th. For some, it’s a birthday that only happens once every four years. For others, it’s an extra day to get things done “before March.” No matter how you spend your Leap Day, we’re sure this cocktail will make it just a bit more special. 

classic Grenadine Leap Year cocktail

We took inspiration for the forgotten classic cocktail, The Leap Year, and gave it our own Iconic twist. Replace sweet vermouth with our brand new Classic Grenadine for this recipe. 

Classic Grenadine Leap Year Cocktail


-Combine all in a shaker with ice and shake with ice 

-Double strain into a chilled martini glass 

-Garnish with a lemon twist 

Classic Grenadine Leap Year Cocktails

Snag a bottle of Classic Grenadine to introduce to all of your favorite cocktails. This mixer is the first of our Iconic Bar Series line of mixers so stay tuned for more!

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