5 Ways to Shandy Your Way Through the Summer

5 Ways to Shandy Your Way Through the Summer

Summer shandy recipes with iconic cocktail co mixers

Why are shandies the perfect treat on a hot day? It’s probably because they’re like an adult lemonade. Not too sweet, not too strong. You can throw these back no problem while hanging out by the pool or barbecuing. 

Our cocktail mixers are flavor concentrates made with fresh ingredients made in small batches in Phoenix, Arizona. Just a splash of any one of our handcrafted mixers adds incredible flavor to a beverage whether it be a mocktail, cocktail, sangria, or shandy. 

A shandy is a combination of lemonade and beer. To make an Iconic shandy, simply add 1 ounce of Iconic Mixers to a pint of beer. Open up the flavors by squeezing in some citrus or go crazy with vinegar for a unique shrub shandy.

Below are some of our favorite combos like Prickly Pear Sour with a pale ale or Iconic Ginga Syrup with a cider. Enjoy these recipes and find your favorite way to shandy your way through summer! 

Spicy Watermelon Michelada 

Summer Shandy with Iconic Cocktail Co.
While we were researching the perfect recipe for a fruity Michelada, we learned that the technical term for Michelada is a Mexican lager with any type of spice or modifier. For this recipe, we went with our summer seasonal Watermelon Rose Tonic instead of a tomato base. We know, it sounds crazy but it turned out so good! Add another layer by rimming your glass with spicy and tangy Tajin!

-Start by rimming your glass with the lime wedge 

-Roll or sprinkle on Tajin 

-Combine mixer and beer in a chilled pint glass

-Stir gently to combine

Rose Blossom

Summer Shandy with Iconic Cocktail Co.

Mulberry Rose is a small batch mixer we want just when we can get our hands on Persian mulberries from Holiday Farms. This year’s season was robust and delicious. We’re excited to have some left for summer shandies. It couldn’t be more perfect with this citrusy beer! 

-Combine all in a chilled pint glass

-Stir gently

-Garnish with an orange slice

Cactus Trail 

Summer Shandy with Iconic Cocktail Co.

Designed to be enjoyed while hiking the Wilderness trails, Day Hike from AZ Wilderness is bright and punchy. The tropical pineapple, mango, and peach notes pair perfectly with Iconic Prickly Pear Sour. When you add this fuschia flavor, you’ll get a taste of an Arizona sunset! 

-Combine all in a chilled pint glass

-Stir gently

-Garnish with a lime wedge

Heart and Sol 

Summer Shandy with Iconic Cocktail Co.

Inspired by the heart of summer, this refreshing take on a shrub shandy will quench your thirst for sure. Doubling the cider and using Iconic Ginga Syrup gives this recipe an extra bite! 

-In a chilled beer mug, combine Ginga Syrup and Apple Cider Vinegar

-Top with cider and stir gently.

-Garnish with lemon and apple slices.

Golden Pop 

Summer Shandy with Iconic Cocktail Co.

We love Mother Road Brewing in Flagstaff, Arizona for their convertible top. Pop the entire lid off and you can create this shandy recipe directly into the frosty can. 

-Combine all with crushed ice in a tall glass or beer can.

-Garnish with lime and enjoy!

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