3 Tips on Elevating the In-Flight Cocktail

3 Tips on Elevating the In-Flight Cocktail

travel mixers for in flight cocktails

No reason to keep you in-flight cocktails boring. We believe that you deserve a well-crafted drink regardless if you’re in the air or at home. That’s why we created our Travel Pack! Enjoy our Signature Collection in convenient 2oz TSA approved bottles. This pack can be carried on and will make up to eight unique cocktails filled with flavor. 

On your next journey, travel with Iconic and bring a little taste of Arizona with you. We’re sharing three tips when it comes to mixing on a flight with the Travel Pack:

  1. Keep it simple. We understand that we’re not the first to create a kit for travel. Our pack does not include a stir spoon, beverage napkin, or a tiny jigger but do you really need these? The answer is no.  We are focused on the flavor of your cocktail rather than the accessories. Just one ounce is all you need to transform your drink and our travel bottles contain 2oz. The side of the bottle is marked at 1oz as a built-in jigger and the rest of what you need will arrive with your drink. 
  2. Order Spirit & Soda. With four flavors of Iconic Mixers, all you need is your favorite spirit and some soda water. The combinations are endless and you can create almost anything with Lime Leaf Tonic, Ginga Syrup, Spiced Honey, and Prickly Pear Sour. Keep reading to learn our favorite combos!
  3. Ask to mix it yourself.  When you order your drink, ask if you can “mix it yourself.” The flight attendant will deliver a cup of ice with a stir stick, the shooter on the side, and a can of sparkling water. You now can mix however you like with three simple ingredients.

travel mixers for in-flight cocktails tsa compliant

Cocktail Combinations

  • Prickly Pear Margarita: Order tequila and soda. Add 1oz of Prickly Pear Sour
  • Old Fashioned: Order whiskey on the rocks. Add a splash of Spiced Honey and stir to dilute
  • Classic G&T: Order gin and soda (or tonic if you prefer a more bitter cocktail.) Add 1oz of Lime Leaf Tonic
  • Moscow Mule: Order vodka and soda. Add 1oz of Ginga Syrup (or the whole bottle if you love that ginger burn)

If you already love our mixers, the Travel Pack is simply another way (and another place!) to enjoy them. This also makes the perfect gift during the holiday season with friends and family visiting with only a carry-on. Send someone you love on their way with a little taste of Arizona. Add a Travel Pack to your next order for $30

Safe travels! 

TSA compliant Travel Mixer for cocktails

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