Mini Ginga Syrup

Mini Ginga Syrup
Mini Ginga Syrup

Mini Ginga Syrup


May be mini, but still has a kick. 


Spelled like ninja but with a "G" because it packs punch of ginger root. True to the ginger flavor, it goes well with vodka or whiskey for your favorite mule. Add to soda water for homemade ginger ale. Made fresh, not too sweet, and just the right amount of burn.

Best with: Vodka, Whiskey, Sparkling Water 

Makes about 4 cocktails.

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All our mixers are made in small batches with their creation date right on the bottle. We suggest consuming it within three months of opening to ensure freshness and flavor integrity. The mixer will last a year from its creation date. 

Shake it before you make it, natural settling will occur. Consume promptly. If not, refrigerate upon opening. 

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