What is the shelf life of Iconic Mixers?

After it’s open, we say three months for flavor integrity. The expiration date is stamped on the side of the bottle. 

Do Iconic Mixers need to be refrigerated?

Yes. After you open it, refrigeration will keep the product the freshest.

What kind of sugar is used?

We use 100% natural cane sugar. Spiced Honey is just sweeten with honey (no sugar added). Coffee Mixers are made with organic raw sugar. 



We suggest using 1oz of our mixers for a cocktail recipe. Our large 17oz bottles make about 17 cocktails and our mini 4oz bottle makes about 4 cocktails. Travel 2oz mixers make 2 cocktails and are TSA compliant.  


What are the Nutrition Facts of your mixers?

Click to see nutrition facts for each flavor. Nutrition facts are written on the bottles (expect for the Travel Size)

What is the sugar content in your mixers?

Each mixer varies but we pride ourselves on cutting back sugar as much as we can. A typical simple syrup is a one to one ratio. All our mixers fall under that ratio. More flavor, less sugar.


How much should I use to make a soda or Mocktail?

It all depends on your glass, how much ice you use, and how sweet you like your drink. We suggest for an 12oz glass filled with ice to use 1 ounce of the mixer. If you like something less sweet, go ahead and start with a half ounce.

How much spirit would I use to make a cocktail?

It starts with our simple method. 2oz of Spirit, 1oz of Iconic Mixer, and 1/2oz of tart. You can also think of this as parts; 2 parts spirit, to 1 part mixer. We courage you to be creative. Check out recipes right here!

What is tart?

Tart is something that you can use to add acidity to your drink. We suggest some type of citrus like lemon or lime. But anything ‘tart’ will do. We like using grapefruit, orange juice. You can even use a vinegar to make a shrub.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We sure do! Reach out to wholesale@iconiccocktail.com to start the conversation.