Cascara Vanilla


Cascara Vanilla


Inspired by our friends at Blue House and the growing coffee scene in AZ, we designed an organic mixer for coffee and tea. The cascara offers subtle fruit notes while the familiar vanilla bean rounds out the uniqueness of the cherry husk.

Best with: Coffee, Bourbon, Brandy, Dark Rum. 

Blue House Coffee is on a mission to share their favorite coffees to encourage others to enjoy the places and people that make life great. A nitro-powered keg and tap system on a fleet of bicycle-driven carts brings the coffee to the people, and their specialty hot drip and cold-brew drinks highlight how delicious the brew can be in its most basic form. 

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All our mixers are made in small batches with their creation date right on the bottle. We suggest consuming it within three months of opening to ensure freshness and flavor integrity. The mixer will last a year from its creation date. 

Shake it before you make it, natural settling will occur. Consume promptly. If not, refrigerate upon opening. 

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